5 Benefits of Zumba on Seniors

Zumba Exercise is a latin dance inspired fitness program and is immensely popular even among the elderly. As with any exercise program, one should always consult their doctor and never do what is not within one’s own comfortable limits. Having said that, Zumba is more than just an exercise routine, it is FUN and is perhaps why so many seniors are drawn to it.

In a Zumba class, participants do the best they can. They don’t have to learn specific steps or even know how to dance, all they do is follow along to the best of their ability and enjoy the ride. With our seniors having lived through an era where dancing was a fundamental source of entertainment, it is no surprise that they have taken so well to Zumba Dance/Exercise programs. Even wheelchair bound participants can sway and reach and stretch to the music. Each exercise session is a dance party as well and is great for socializing and lifting your spirits. Participants walk away from their Zumba classes feeling energised, refreshed and above all, extraordinarily happy.

5 Primary Benefits of a Zumba class on the Elderly Are:

Reduces the Impact of Illness and Chronic Disease.

Seniors who exercise will find they have lowered risks to chronic illnesses like Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Obesity, Osteoporosis and many more debilitating diseases. They will also see find that their immune systems are improved , better heart health, better digestion function. In short they will just feel better.

Improves Sleep.

Many people assume that insomnia is a normal part of aging when in fact there is no good reason that one at any age should not get a good night’s sleep. A good workout routine can often help you not only fall asleep more quickly, but experience a deeper and more restful sleep as well.

Boosts Mood and Self Confidence.

Zumba Workouts are especially good at giving a sense of euphoria and well being. Generally any exercise will produce feel good endorphins, but the nature of Zumba Dance routines are a lot of fun and each session is more like a dance party than an exercise workout. As a result they are great ways to alleviate stress, reduce symptoms of depression and improve self confidence.

Enhances Mobility, Flexibility and Balance.

Exercise is known to improve strength , posture and flexibility. Zumba provides these benefits as well as improving coordination and balance. The direct result is a reduction in falls as well as alleviating chronic inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.

It is good for the Brain.

Cognitive decline, memory loss and some forms of dementia can sometimes be avoided with a good exercise routine and with Zumba being such a social and fun routine, it will help keep the brain active and may even retard the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease.

So come on Ladies and Gentlemen, get your dancing shoes on and Zumba your way into an active and healthy retirement.

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